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What is Pest Control?

Pest Control Worker With Insecticide SprayerPests are unwanted rodents, insects and other organisms that are a nuisance to human activity. These pests may harm us by spreading diseases, biting, damaging our crops or destroying property.

An efficient control requires thorough knowledge about these pests, their behaviour and habits. The first step usually involves identifying the pest, and studying its behaviour and lifestyle goes next. After these steps, experts analyse and evaluate their methods how to manage and eradicate these pests.

Pest control refers to the management of pests as these pests create a detrimental effect on our health and surroundings. There are a variety of pests that we should be concerned with, and each of these pests has a range of treatments and management strategies to be applied. These services will rid any pest infestation quickly, providing utmost professionalism and care on your property, and will be offering you expert analysis and advice to ensure that the problem does not return.

Importance of Pest Control

Pest control has a variation of methods and strategies of keeping unwanted pests away. Not only do we apply pest control management in our homes, but effective methods are also applied to agriculture and industrial purposes.

One important reason to employ this service is health concerns. Pests bring diseases, germs and bacteria that will be hazardous especially when it enters our homes. Birds and vermin carry a lot of bacteria and germs and is a liability when it transfers to our bodies.

Pests cause severe damage to structure and property. The damage they cause can either be minor or much worse, can destroy a structure making it potentially hazardous. We could see how woodworm infestation is an example of how it damages wooden structures and equipment.

Pest control plays a major role in agriculture and other industries. If not properly controlled, pests may bring a lot of harm on production and resources. It is never a good sight in our home or office having pests roaming around. This is essential to keep and maintain our surroundings aesthetically tidy.

fumigation, ants, birds

Different Types of Pests and Recommended Management

Rodents and Vermin

Rodents such as rats and squirrels have the potential to spread diseases, contaminate your food and damage your property. They breed incredible rapidly, so can quickly escalate from a minor inconvenience to a serious crisis.

Experts first seal off any gaps or holes in your property to prevent entrance of these pests in the future. After that, treatment solutions are applied in the target areas internally and externally. Moreover, baits and traps are also enforced.


Birds such as pigeons and seagulls need to be controlled too as they bring damage to the property either aesthetically or physically. Birds and bird faeces carries over 60 diseases, such as histoplasmosis, candidiasis and cryptococcosis, and can also corrode brickwork and metal.

Bird proofing is a method to prevent birds from damaging your premises and reducing health hazards.


Foxes can carry mange, ticks and fleas. While they are historically a rural pest they are increasingly common in urban areas. They are known for being opportunist feeders, eating anything from fruit and insets to small animals such as house pets as well as rooting through bins to find left over food scraps from humans. They are lone foragers within their territory which can be as large as 5000 acres. There are multiple ways of dealing with foxes, which can be discussed with your local specialist in pest control.


Pest Control TypesWhile termites are not currently found in the UK, wood worm produces a similar problem. These are small brown flying insects. They lay eggs on rough unpolished wood and the hatching grubs will burrow in to the wood. They will not leave a visible trace until a few years later when the insects emerge.

Typically they are introduced into households via second hand furniture, although they can also fly in via windows. While woodworm in furniture can be frustrating, it can also travel to floorboards, joinery and even structural timber, where attacks can be particularly devastating.

Woodworm can be treated with proprietary woodworm killer. Its application includes coating all surfaces as well as injecting the treatment down the woodworm holes after cleaning it down thoroughly. Extreme precision must be exercised to ensure insulation is removed to prevent damage, water tanks are protected. It is strongly advised by the British Pest Control Association to use experts in the treatment of structural woodworm.


The Garden or Black Ants are the common types of ant species that build their colonies usually outside your home or garden. The problem often occurs when these ants go in search of food and try to march inside your house. Though they don’t carry diseases, it is just unsightly to see an army of ants in your house. Experts usually seal off the entry point first. A bait is also employed by some experts to lure these ants. Insecticides and other treatment solutions are then either sprayed or used in the affected area. Ants can be prevented by removing the substances they are attracted to quickly, for example cleaning up sweet and sticky spillages.

Different Treatments of Pest Control


Some pests have a life-cycle and at times the eggs are not properly eliminated. Fumigation ensures that all life stages of the pest are eradicated. A common example are fleas that come in contact with our pets.

Destruction of breeding grounds

Collections of rubbish and sewers are the usual breeding grounds of pests like rats. The practice of proper waste management should be applied to control and prevent infestation.

Traps and Baits

Baits and traps are the common types of how to control pests. Commonly used in homes, it is best to identify the infestation properly to acquire and apply the bait or trap. Do you have a need of pest control services now? What are you waiting for?

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